A selection of scripts that will carry out a set of procedures such as an Inn System or realistic death system.

Script Name Description
SendText with ColorText Support Improve basic message sending with NWN2
Custom Token Dialog System A powerful custom token dialog sytem
Flavor Text System Can trigger a message, skill or ability check messages
Date & Time Functions WizardStorm Think Group is pleased to provide a full compliment of Date & Time functions which are compatible with standard database DateTime strings.
Rowell's Persistent World Toolkit The ERF file included in this package (Rowells_PW_kit.erf) and the module file (Rowells_PW_Module.mod) contain all the scripts and objects necessary to create a very basic Persistent World.
List Functions 1.01 WizardStorm Think Group is pleased to present to you three addional String Functions and nine new List functions.
Scarface's Persistent Banking v1.0 This is a High performance persistent banking system using the built-in game database, no NWNX needed.
Markshire Climbing System The system is built so you can access the climb without conversations or other unnecessary interfaces.