27th September 2006

Removed all the NWN 1 scripts from the site.

24th September 2006

Added the NWN Script directory link to the links page.

15th September 2006

Firstly, let me apologise for the lack of updates to the main site. I have had a change of heart in that I will be removing all the scripts from NWN1 and will start to add scripts that have been designed in NWN2 (when the game comes out of course). Welcome to all the people that have come from the Atari NWN2 site and especially to those that have registered on the forums. One month to go.....

30th July 2006

Adding more news to the forums all the time. Adding new banners and graphics throughout the site to make it more pleasing to the eye (well thats the aim).

21st July 2006

Added 9 inventory scripts and an affilated site, which I am a builder for Exodus (Persistent World).

15th July 2006

Added DeafDumbandBlinds document on building Challenging Encounters. You will find the document under the Design Section.

14th July 2006

Added 1 placeable script and 11 inventory scripts. 1 new link added to the links page

9th July 2006

Putting the site back together again with the new design.

30th June 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, my Mr Designer Tridisus gave me another design which makes this one look a bit shabby. Will take the site down soon and then add the existing content over a few days. Please check out the forums as I am always updating news and what not there. I promise this will be the last web design change for a while.....

25th June 2006

New design of the web site is up and the site seems to be fully up to date. Please let me know of any problems.

21st June 2006

Currently redesigning the look and feel of the web site as I want it to give out an RPG/Fantasy feel to it. Banner made by my Exodus buddy Tridisus. Thanks alot and more to come.

18th June 2006

23 Inventory scripts added.

14th June 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates recently (some small competition called the World Cup getting in the way). 4 area scripts, 2 placeable script, 4 NPC and 1 creature script added.

5th June 2006

Added two links to the links page. 2 new scripts for placeables, 1 conversation script, 1 creature script and 1 area script.

4th June 2006

Added 1 Travel script, 1 placeable script, 1 routine script, 1 Inventory and 2 NPC scripts.

2nd June 2006

Removed the "Getting Started" series on how to design a module as I have just come across The Builders Project version, which I will try and host or provide a link as it is much better than what I could have ever done. Added Chris Taylors excellent Design Template in the Getting Started section - Thanks to Papermonk for pointing it out.

Added 4 NPC Scripts

27th May 2006

Just added 7 new links to the links page. Lots of tidying up on alot of the empty pages (getting ready for the game). A couple of new posts on the forum regarding the toolset and the game in general.

23rd May 2006

Just added descriptions to all the script pages. Added 2 scripts to the placeable script page and 1 new link to the links page.

21st May 2006

Posted more in the forums with some nice video links for the toolset. Also started the "Getting Started" series on how to design a module.

18th May 2006

Added Lesson 3 to 9. Cheated really as I have copied Celowin's tutorial word for word. However, I will be revisiting them to see if I can add value to them.

14th May 2006

Lesson 2 complete and posted more on the forums. Added the NESS script to the Creature Scripts page.

9th May 2006

Added Lilac Souls Script Generator to the Scripting Tools page and a link to the ScriptEase website. Lesson 1 of Learn to Script is finished.

8th May 2006

Added some more categories to the forums. Made a start on Lesson 1: The Basics of scripting.

7th May 2006

Added loads of pages to the Scripts & Tools menu, but no content as yet. First post on the forums re FAQ on the new toolset. Sorted out some of the tutorial list.

6th May 2006

Started the overall design of the Neverwinter Nights Toolset site. Added a Links, Scripting and How Tos page and also added a new forum.

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